May is Real Cider & Perry Month

Monday 1 – Wednesday 31 May 2017

CAMRA promotes Cider & Perry in May (& October)

May might seem a strange time to celebrate a drink made from apples and pears but there is some logic in the timing. May is a time when the apple and pear trees in our orchards are in blossom and, without the orchards and tree blossom, we wouldn’t have the fruit to make the ciders and perries that are on offer throughout the year. Unfortunately many of the old traditional orchards have disappeared over the years but, thankfully, in recent years producers have started to plant new trees to keep the tradition of cider and perry production alive.

May is the time when the apple and pear juice that was pressed the previous year has fermented through and is ready to drink. Real ciders and perries differ from the more industrial products available in that they are not fizzy and the flavours of the fruit used in their production come through in the final product. So why not take the opportunity to visit some of the Highlands & Western Isles Real Cider & Real Perry pubs and give them a try.

CAMRA Cider & Perry Month