Cairn Gorm Mountain Walk - Option 1

Map for Cairn Gorm Wild Pub Walk

Please Note: The hill walking party will leave from the car park by the funicular base station at 10.00 sharp.

This will be a 7 mile walk taking 5-6 hours at a steady, but not too fast, pace. Route map opposite.

The walk will be led by qualified Mountain Leaders, Mike & Shirley Godfrey, from Kintail Mountain Activities. Mike & Shirley are local CAMRA members who have volunteered their services for the day.

Participants will be expected to complete an 'Activity Participation' form, noting details of any medical conditions that might affect your participation in the activity, your own safety or the safety of others around you (e.g. allergies, angina/other heart or circulatory conditions, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy) and any medication that you are taking/have with you; plus emergency contact details.

Participants will also be expected to wear suitable clothing and carry a day pack containing essentials such as waterproofs, first aid kit, food & drink, etc. Please see our 'Equipment List' list. We make no apologies for not allowing you to join our walk if not properly equipped. The Cairngorm Mountains are one of the largest, wildest areas of the British Isles. They consist of several hundred square miles of high mountain plateau - the highest, coldest and snowiest plateau in Britain. You can still see snow patches up here in the heat of summer, and in winter it is a place of savage beauty.

Our entire route will be on exposed rock above the treeline. Only patches of alpine vegetation are sustained by thin soils. The only wildlife you may see on our walk are creatures adapted to live at the extremes of survival, such as red deer and mountain hare. If you are lucky you may see ptarmigan, golden eagle, dotterel, or snow buntings. The Cairngorm plateau is also home to the UK’s only wild reindeer herd!

Please note that the walk will not include any climbing, scrambling, or exposed edges, and should not present a challenge for those who experience a fear of heights.

Escape Option - After reaching the summit of Cairn Gorm some may wish to call it a day and head for the pub early, descending on the funicular railway with the party following Cairn Gorm Mountain Walk - Option 2.

To book a place on this walk please e-mail ku.gro.armac.dnalhgih@slaicos. Please download, complete and return an Activity Participation form. If you are unable to scan in and send with your e-mail please post the form to Mike Godfrey at the address shown on the form. Your place cannot be reserved until we receive your form.